The Ultimate List Of Nerdy Wi-Fi Names

In this post, I’m going to share some of the best nerdy Wifi names. 


If you are trying to change your Wifi network name but struggling to come up with a good name, then this post is going to solve your problem.

Choosing a nerdy Wi-Fi network SSID will make a good addition to the hilarious wifi names that are already present in your neighborhood.

But, what exactly nerdy mean?

Nerdy can be described as having a lot of interest in some stuff like technology. So, if this sounds like something you are looking for in a wifi name, then we got your back.


Here you will find tons of nerdy wifi name ideas. In other words, this list of names can set your router on fire.

Nerdy Wifi Names List For Your Router Network SSID 2018

Nowadays, people are trying to come up with a more funnier Wi-Fi name because everyone else is using a custom Wi-Fi name which puts a smile on the face whenever someone searches for a Wi-Fi.

In fact, wireless network names have become our secret tool to communicate with people around our neighborhood.

Be it “telling your neighbor to make her dog quiet” or “expressing your love for the new girl in your neighborhood”, Wi-Fi names helps to tell the feelings.

Hence, We can now proudly say:

Advance Technology is changing our lives? 😉

Well, if you want to tell stories with your Wi-Fi usernames or express your feelings for someone, then this Nerdy Wifi names list will help you.

Without further ado, here are best nerdy wifi names:

  • Share Some Pizza With Me
  • Don’t touch me
  • Keyboard Warrior
  • Angry Birds
  • My Wifi can’t live without a Router
  • Internet Noob
  • Wifi Speed = Ninja
  • You Smell like Shit
  • Speed Breaker
  • Shut Your Mouth To Stop Odor
  • Go To Sleep
  • NASA Free WiFi
  • Get Your Own wifi
  • Son Of a Gun
  • Ac Wanted For My Hot Spot
  • Password is Strong
  • Hacking…
  • DragonFly Hunter
  • Lets Play Pubg
  • Bruh, shave ur ugly beard
  • Lets trade Password For Beer
  • Tell Me Your Rapper Name
  • Loading… Loading
  • Spying your Browser History
  • Hello Darkness, My Old Fren
  • This Idiot loves you
  • Yell “Taco” for Password
  • Hack Me If You Can
  • Spying Your Messages
  • Change Your Wifi Name
  • Tell Your WifI love her
  • Your house is Ugly
  • Fortnite
  • PewDiePie

So, these are the best Nerdy wifi names which are really good to impress or make someone smile. Furthermore, these WiFi names have never been used before so this will make your WiFi name instantly pop out.